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Web3 writes about several web topics including web design, SEO, online marketing and WordPress.
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Think you might need a new website

Building a New Website? Consider These Tips First

Arguably the most crucial element of a business’ image is its website. In this day and age, potential customers and clients are most likely to visit a business’s website instead of phoning or visiting in person before engaging in their services. …

Responsive website for your business

Why You Need a Responsive Website for Your Business

Is your website optimised for mobile and tablet devices? You may not realise this but if you view your website on a mobile or tablet device and it looks terrible, then chances are your customers are thinking the same thing. As …

What is WordPress

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or webapp. WordPress is a web platform or system used to edit and publish the content on your website. This system is commonly referred to as a …

Reduce websites Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Your Websites Bounce Rate

We had a company from Brisbane approach us needing help with their website. They were wondering why a large number of people were exiting or ‘bouncing’ from their website as soon as people were landing on one of their websites pages. …

Web Design Trends 2013

The Top 7 Web Design Trends of 2013

This year we have seen a number of trends in the web design industry which is helping to shape the future of web design. Some of the most notable design trends will continue to rise as the internet grows, leaving some …

Choosing domain name for you business

Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business

Choosing the right domain name for your business can take a lot of thought and consideration to decide which one is the right one. A good domain name can significantly impact website traffic and help with brand recall. Choosing a domain …

What is a Domain Name

What Is a Domain Name

A domain name is an address you type into your web browser to access a website. Although a domain is the address used to access a website, it can often be confused with a URL which is the entire address including …

Why businesses need a mobile website

Why Businesses Need a Mobile Optimised Website

Lately, we have noticed an increasing number of businesses come to us wanting to break their website into the mobile web space. From our initial analysis, we consistently identify two immediate problems: Their website looks terrible on mobile devices to the …

Mobile responsive websites example

Responsive Websites are the Future of Web Design

With the ever-increasing amount of mobile devices and varying screen sizes, the issue of websites rendering poorly on mobile devices has never been more apparent. The layout of a webpage that fits nicely on a large desktop computer will more than …

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