Lately, we have noticed an increasing number of businesses come to us wanting to break their website into the mobile web space. From our initial analysis, we consistently identify two immediate problems:

  1. Their website looks terrible on mobile devices to the point of being unusable and
  2. A significant portion of the business’s target audience has migrated, or is currently migrating to mobile devices as their first point of contact when discovering businesses, products and services online.
Using a mobile phone to search the web
The number of smartphone users who use their phone to shop and find businesses cannot be ignored

Google’s brilliant in-depth analysis on smartphone adoption rates around the world, called ‘Our Mobile Planet’, helps to justify why so many businesses have been coming to us wanting to establish a mobile web presence.

I’ll summarise a few key points from the report below.

  • Every day smartphone users search for local businesses using their mobile phone. Over 1 in 3 searches conducted on mobile devices are for businesses and services in the immediate local area of the user. If your business serves local customers, having a mobile website is essential.
  • Should the mobile user find a business or service through search, half of all users will look for a phone number to call that business directly from the website.
  • 1 in 3 people have made an online purchase from their mobile smart phone.
  • Over 85% of the total amount of mobile devices in the world can connect to the internet.
  • The amount of searches undertaken on mobile devices now exceed the amount of searches undertaken on a desktop computer.
  • These statistics are great news for businesses taking advantage of the mobile web industry and also means that responsive web design is an extremely important aspect of designing websites.
  • It is not surprising that 57% of mobile web users will not recommend a website if the website is not optimised for mobile web viewing. In saying so, 80% of all users will leave websites that are not optimised for mobile viewing, rather than attempting to use the website.

These statistics in particular demonstrates why it is so important to have your website optimised for mobile web viewing.

By not having a mobile optimised website, you are essentially handing potential customers to your competitors that do.

Is your website optimised for mobile devices? Make a comment below or talk to Web3 Brisbane Web design if you need your website optimised for mobile.