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Service Benefits

Your very own WordPress Support Service Team

Let’s face it, WordPress can be a pretty overwhelming beast to continually have to manage plugins, themes, comments, security and updates. Your time is most likely better spent building your business than supporting your WordPress website.

We live inside WordPress every day and know a lot about it. Here’s how you can have your WordPress website support service requirements met, without ever lifting a finger.

Dedicated Support Team
With thousands of jobs completed at an overall satisfaction rating of 96%, our qualified team of WordPress Specialists will stand behind and look after your website, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Leave the tricky stuff to us!

1-3 Business Day Job Completion
Need a job on your site completed tomorrow? Consider it done. Our dedicated WordPress support service help desk allows you to make an unlimited amount of small job requests 24/7, with all jobs completed within 1-3 business days.

Security & Updates Sorted
Rest easy knowing that all your WordPress core and plugin updates have been taken care of. We’ll promptly apply software and security updates to your WordPress site, greatly reducing its chance of being hacked.

Service Examples

Areas we can support you

There are lots of different areas of WordPress website support that you may need for your business. Here’s some common WordPress support jobs that we can take care of for you.

Website bug fixes
Websites are complex. If you dont use them the right way, bugs can appear. We have a deep technical understanding of code and WordPress and can fix 99.8% of website bugs.

Site security fixes
Because a third of all websites are built on WordPress and there are so many third-party plugins and themes available, security can be a concern. We utilise the most up-to-date standards to protect your website from hackers and spam.

Page content updates
Fiddling around with getting your content onto the pages in the right layout can be finicky and time consuming. Let us take care of that part so you can get it in front of your customers sooner.

Site Software updates
WordPress releases a major update of its software roughly every quarter and several minor updates in between. Plugins get updated on weekly and monthly schedules too. We make sure all your plugins remain working and are up to date.

Design issue fixes
There are an infinite different design options you can add to your website. We know what works and what doesn't and can assist with ensuring it works best for your website. Sometimes when you update content, design can break. We know how to fix it.

Mobile bug fixes
You need a website that works on your computer and also on mobile tablets and phones too. This is more important than ever with the rise of smartphone use. All our websites we build are 100% compatible on mobile and can help you fix your mobile issues too.

Increase website speed
One of the top search engine optimisation factors is website loading speed. We know how to fix websites so they load extremely fast and can make yours load fast too. See how we make your website fly in our speed ebook.

Domain URL fixes
Website support isnt always just about WordPress, it can be about hosting and domain issues too. Our website hosting experience puts us at the forefront to ensure your website remains running smoothly.

Image & media updates
Sometimes your website media just needs a facelift. We can correctly size, crop and compress your website images and media to ensure that it is super quick to load and fits with the design of your website.

Browser compatibility
There are many different web browsers that people use to view your website such as: Chrome, Firefox and Safari. They all render your site differently. Its our job to ensure they all look the same.

Daily website backups
There is nothing worse than having a website one day and then having your server crash and you cant access it another day. That is where backups come in handy so you can restore it at a moments notice. We backup all our websites every day.

Support & advice
Sometimes you need to just bounce ideas off the industry leaders. We are ready to answer any questions you may have to ensure your WordPress website is well supported every day of the week.

Cheyne Profile
Cheyne McMahon, Owner of Australian Karate Academy

“When it comes to getting your business’s website running smoothly backed by a team of WordPress specialists, Web3 are like no other. This is the best online service that I have ever had!”

The Web3 WordPress support team service and managed all the class updates, WordPress and plugin updates, website security and general changes required for the AKA website. Many other Brisbane business owners just like Cheyne rely on our WordPress support services too.

How it works

So how does the Web3 Brisbane
WordPress website support service work?

Three easy steps to get you back to running your business, instead of worrying about the maintenance of your website. Our WordPress support service is as simple as letting us know what you need help with and then us doing it for you.

1. Request support job
Request a support job any time, anywhere by emailing our support team or by submitting a ticket to our dedicated Help desk. Our friendly Customer Care Specialists will promptly review the job & confirm with you a timeframe of when it will be completed.

2. Work gets completed
Our in-house team of WordPress specialists will start working on your job right away. Once the job has been completed, you’ll receive a short summary of how the problem was solved. We’ll even include tips on how to improve your site.

3. Sit back and relax!
Or get back to work! Have peace of mind knowing that your WordPress website is being taken care of by a team of professionals. Spend your newly-found free time growing your business, doing more of what you love, and less of what you don’t need to do.

Support FAQ's

WordPress support service Questions?
We got answers

Have a question about or Web3 support solution? get in touch and we will have the answer. Here’s some of our most frequently asked WordPress support service questions.

Is your support a locked-in contract?
No, we do not believe in lock-in contracts. Our Support services are a month-to-month solution. If you do not require our services any more, you can stop or pause the service any time. It is our aim that you will see that the time our service saves you will be well worth the incredible value of the service.
What does 'Small site job' mean?

We class a small job as a task that can be completed in less than 30 minutes of development & design time. This timeframe typically covers 95% of all jobs that are needed to be done on an existing live WordPress website. This means that you can request as many small jobs as you like, with the only limit being that you can request one job at a time.

Here’s some of the most common jobs we help our clients out with fixing:

  • Functionality bugs
  • Mobile responsive issues
  • Design issues


  • Colours & branding
  • Page/post functionality
  • Fonts & typography
  • Menus
  • Images and videos
  • Page content (e.g. Contact us info)
  • Website forms
  • Plugin settings
  • Theme settings
  • Website logo to new version

And more:

  • Install and setup plugins
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Add in a new button
  • Remove pages correctly
  • Add a new user to the site
  • Set up Yoast SEO plugin
Are there any limits to your 'Unlimited Small Jobs' offer?
The only limit to our unlimited small jobs WordPress support offer is that you can only request one job at a time. This is to ensure that we can maintain our 1-3 business day job competition time frame consistently for all of our customers, so everyone can receive a fair service.
Do you outsource your support service?
Our WordPress support service is a 100% in-house Web3 service – we do not outsource our WordPress support service to third party service providers.
Do you charge cancellation fees?
No, we do not charge cancellation fees or any hidden fees for that matter. You can pause or cancel the WordPress service at any time, without needing to worry about additional cancellation fees being charged.
What if I need a job that is bigger than a small job?
If your request is larger than what we would consider a "small job" that takes longer than 30 minutes to complete, we will provide a custom development quote to complete it for you. Our WordPress Custom Development hourly rate is $159 AUD exc GST.
How long does it take to complete a task?
We aim to complete all small support job requests within a 1-3 business day time frame. If you send us a job during Australian Eastern Standard business hours, we typically complete it within a few hours of receiving it. If for whatever reason these time frames are not achievable, we will communicate with you the ETA to complete the task when we receive it.
Do you offer any WordPress support guarantees?
We offer a total satisfaction guarantee on our service or your money back, no questions asked. With tens of thousands of jobs completed at a 96% overall job satisfaction rate, we’re very confident that we can deliver an outstanding WordPress support service to your business.
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