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Coming Soon Pages - Bad for business

Coming Soon Pages Can Be Harmful for Your Business

Today I came across one of our hosting clients who had asked their web designer (not Web3) to refresh their website. The client asked them to put up a coming soon page saying that a new website was being built. I …

Why You Shouldn't Use A Slider

Why You Should Avoid Sliders on Your Website

Every business owner wants a nice website. When creating pages on your site a very commonly used feature I see is the use of sliders. Sliders, often called image slideshows or carousels, are sections on your website that slide across horizontally …

What is Data Driven Decision Making & How it Can Help You Grow Faster

The data-driven decision-making framework is perhaps the most powerful business hack I’ve ever come across in my entire career.  What is data-driven decision making?  The term ‘data-driven decision making’ can be defined in many ways. In this article, I’ll be focusing …

9 SEO Tips for 2018

9 SEO Tips You Need to Know for 2019

If we look back over the years, it is easy to see just how rapidly SEO changes over time. As technology and consumer trends continue to develop, search engines change their algorithms accordingly to ensure that the users are getting the …

17 Tactics to Never Run out of Blog Content

We all know that blogging is an extremely useful way to rank your website better in search engines. But there is usually always two reasons so many businesses do not. The first reason is due to lack of time. Writing out …

How to speed up your website using Google PageSpeed

Are You a WordPress Developer?

Do you call yourself a WordPress developer? There are so many people that do. But do you actually know your craft? Do you really know how to code with WordPress? There are just as many who don’t. It really pains me …

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