Is your website optimised for mobile and tablet devices? You may not realise this but if you view your website on a mobile or tablet device and it looks terrible, then chances are your customers are thinking the same thing.

As a result from an unoptimised mobile website, you are losing almost a third of your customers.

In my recent Why Businesses Need A Mobile Optimised Website post, I discussed how businesses are beginning to understand the importance of responsive web design and shared a number of fantastic statistics about mobile usage.

Since posting that article, the number of people who browse the web on their mobile device each day has continued to increase. More and more people are accessing the internet from their smart phones and tablet devices.

That is why it’s not just a matter of wanting a responsive website, but NEEDING a responsive website!

With market signs showing that more people are using the internet on tablets and smartphones than on traditional desktop computers, it has become a no brainer that to continue to succeed online, your website must be optimised for mobile web browsing through responsive design.

Just to highlight the importance of having a website that is responsive, we have put together a quick video that demonstrates exactly what is responsive web design:

How much is a customer worth to you?

Of all the people or businesses that you convert into customers, how much is each one worth to your business?

If for example you had 100 potential customers contact you this month via your website and 70 of these people were converted into paying clients. If each customer paid on average $1,000, that would be approximately $70,000 in revenue.

So how would you feel if your website looked and functioned horribly on smartphones and tablets?

Would you care?

Probably not so much, until you realise that almost a third of these people were on a mobile device. If your website was almost unusable on mobile devices, which forced your users to go to your competitors who had an easy to use mobile website, that would be almost $25,000 in potential revenue (if still using our example above) that you are loosing to your competitors that have mobile-optimised websites.

This is why it is so important in this mobile world that your businesses website is mobile compatible and most importantly, works for your customers.

If it is not, you are simply driving your mobile customers away from your business. I bet you wouldn’t like to be handing that many customers to your competitors that do have a mobile optimised website.

Please let me know if you have any questions in regards to responsive web design or if there is anything else we can help you with to get your online strategy sorted.