How We Doubled Legally Yours Organic Traffic And Increased The Website Conversion Rate By 78%

Learn how we increased Legally Yours organic traffic by 116% while also increasing the website’s conversion rate by 78% in under 6 months.

Legally Yours is Australia’s leading legal marketplace, simplifying access to the country’s best lawyers.

Since partnering with us in 2019, we have been able to achieve the following results:

  • 78% increase in website conversion rate over 6 months
  • 39% increase in website conversion volume over 6 months from organic search
  • 116% increase in organic search traffic within the first 12 months of partnering with us
  • 70% increase in organic search traffic for the following year

Here’s what the client had to say…

Karen Finch from Legally Yours
Karen Finch, CEO at Legally Yours

I think end-to-end we had the new website up in six weeks which was just brilliant and I have to say that the whole process (that I was absolutely fearing) was absolutely brilliant. We personally have had the most amazing experience using Web3’s services...everything was seamless, you understood us, we were cared for at all times. I would highly, highly recommend Web3.

These huge results all started from a simple introduction…

Mike from Beyond Billables, a branding and design agency, mentioned that he may have a potential client for us.

The potential client in question was in need of a technology partner after the previous relationship had turned sour. Worst of all, the previous technology partner had taken the previous website down and was holding all the files at ransom!

Step One: Saving the client tens of thousands before we even started!

Karen, CEO of Legally Yours, was in a dire situation when she came to us.

She had spent years crafting hundreds of blog posts for the previous Legally Yours website.

With the previous website now offline, she thought all the hard-spent time and money had gone to waste.

We immediately stepped in and recovered all blog posts that Karen thought she had lost forever.

With that fire extinguished, we dived straight into work-shopping the vision, mission and values for Legally Yours. It became obvious that the new Legally Yours website needed to appeal to many target audiences from the get-go.

Legally Yours - Organic Website Growth
Consistent year-on-year organic search traffic growth was achieved after launching the new website.

There was also an excellent opportunity to get the website in front of the target audience with organic search.

Step Two: Developing an outcome-orientated campaign strategy

The new digital marketing campaign comprised of three stages.

Stage one would be all about getting the new website up and running fast. Stage two would see a website chatbot that matches the public with the right lawyer launched. Stage three would be all about improving the website using in-market data.

The digital marketing strategy needed to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase conversions by creating a professional, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly website
  • Increase customer retention by ensuring the new website is easy to navigate and use
  • Improve brand awareness by providing high-quality content and easy to access legal advice
  • Save time and money by automating the lawyer-to-public matchmaking process

Step Three: Planning for success and long-term growth

After workshopping with Karen, we moved onto planning out the new website platform.

We began blueprinting both the new intended sitemap and website user-flow.

Legally Yours - Sitemap & User Flow
Defining a clear and easy to navigate sitemap is the first step towards achieving a website with great User Experience (UX).

We also mapped out how the lawyer matching process would work.

This helped us visualise what content needed to be on the new website and how users would navigate through it. Next, we moved onto wireframing the intended page layouts. This allowed us to further understand how to best organise the content on each main webpage.

Legally Yours - Complex customer journey
Complex web systems can be made simple with clearly defined user flow diagramming.

Step Four: Designing & developing a mobile-friendly WordPress website

One of the main reasons why the previous website did not rank well in search was due to its poor quality code.

Legally Yours Performance Report
Performant WordPress development techniques allowed the website to consistently load in under one second.

We used the style guide created by Beyond Billables to create on-brand web designs. The client wanted to avoid not having full legal ownership of the new website. That’s why we developed the new website in WordPress so the client would have 100% ownership and control of the I.P.

Legally Yours - Wireframes
A custom design was created in WordPress to reflect the company’s unique brand style.

Our bespoke development process allowed us to take the site from scope to launch within 6 weeks.

Step Five: Optimising the website experience and growing relevant search traffic

Thanks to the logical site structure, we were able to achieve big lifts in organic search traffic upon launch.

Legally Yours - Organic Growth 18-19
Consistent month-on-month increases to organic traffic was achieved after launching the site in mid 2019.

Thanks to the consistent content marketing efforts, the website’s organic search traffic continued to grow well after the initial launch.

Legally Yours - Organic Growth 19-20
Organic traffic continued to increase throughout the second year after the new website was launched.

We used Hotjar to gather data on how people were interacting with the website. This helped us to introduce tactical improvements to the website’s design and functionality. These improvements resulted in a 78% increase in conversion rate.

Legally Yours - Organic Growth search console 19-20
The website’s conversion rate was almost doubled through our conversion optimisation efforts.

Further website content refinements led to a 39% increase in conversion volume from organic search.

Key results & takeaways

  • User-flow diagramming can help you engineer a better website user-experience
  • Fast loading and error-free code can lead to big increases in organic search traffic over time
  • Tactical website improvements based on real-life user data can lift up conversion rates
  • Consistent & quality content marketing can snowball your organic traffic year upon year

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