How We Tripled Fencescape’s Organic Search Traffic All While Doubling The Website Conversion Rate

Fencescape Fencing Case study

Here’s how we increased Fencescape’s website conversion rate by 139% while also increasing targeted organic search traffic by 235%

Fencescape is a leading domestic and commercial fence building company. They’re also one of our longest-standing clients, having partnered with us way back in 2011. Since redesigning the most recent website, we achieved the following results:

  • 270% increase in organic search traffic from targeted keyword phrases
  • 139% increase in website conversion rate compared to the previous year
  • 143% increase in conversion volume from organic search compared to the previous year
  • Twelve new relevant keywords entering the top three search results in under 4 months
  • “A” Grade GTMetrix performance score with website loading in under 1 second

Here’s what Tim, the owner of Fencescape, has to say about our ten plus year partnership…

Tim Murray - Fencescape
Tim Murray Director of Fencescape

“Web3 helped us achieve huge results online, allowing us to grow and expand our business across Queensland. Their web design, SEO and paid ads marketing services have given us positive growth across our company for over 10 years in a row. I could not recommend Web3 enough.”

These game-changing results all started from humble beginnings…

Kerry, the co-owner of Fencescape, reached out to us in the middle of 2020 wanting to refresh the Fencescape website.

We had designed and developed the previous website ten years ago. Since then, the company had expanded its range of services, products and markets. These new services, products and markets were not reflected in the previous website.

Although the existing website served the business well, it needed to align with the current business model.

Step One: Exploring and identifying new business opportunities

We kicked off the new digital campaign by conducting a workshop with the owners of Fencescape.

Our SEO services helped propel the previous website to the top of Google search.

Fencescape keyword positions
Ongoing SEO resulted in a number of first place rankings for relevant keyword searches in Google.

With that said, our main goal was to expand upon the existing foundational SEO work.

Step Two: Setting clear & outcome-oriented campaign KPIs

The previous website served as a central source of leads for the business. From these leads, a significant amount came from the business's Google Search rankings.

Our core focus with the new website was to increase leads for the new products, services and markets.

The new digital marketing campaign needed to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase leads from the commercial fencing market
  • Increase rankings for keyword searches that are known to produce quality leads
  • Increase online shop sales by improving the website’s ability to convert traffic into revenue
  • Ensure no negative impact to current search rankings upon launch of the new website

Step Three: Expanding on the foundations for greater online success

Planning is critical when it comes to redesigning websites that are already performing.

One small mistake is all that it takes for a new website to lose its hard-earned performance and results. That’s why it’s important to spend the time to plan out website redesigns to ensure silly mistakes are not made.

We started our plan for the new website by exporting the new markets, services and products.

Fencescape Onsite SEO
Conducting keyword research helps to uncover what the target market is searching for answers online.

This understanding helped us expand the existing SEO keyword & competitive research.

Fencescpae Sitemap
Effective site-mapping allows us to ensure the new website has the right content to attract the right audience

Next came the sitemap which was influenced by our audience and keyword research.

With the sitemap in place, we moved onto the wireframes. Since there were lots of different page layouts, we decided to create a 'modular wireframe kit'.

Fencescape Wireframes
Modular wire-framing allows our designers to have more flexibility when it comes to creating new page layouts

The modules allowed our designers to construct a broad range of page layouts. The advantage of these modules is it allows for a larger range of different page designs.

Step Four: Designing & developing a search friendly website that loads in under 1 second

From the start, we wanted to show the quality of Fencescape’s products and services through high-resolution video and imagery.

Fencescape Hi-res Designs
The new design strikes a balance between detailed information and high quality visuals.

We also didn’t want to hurt the website performance by including lots of large photographs on each page. Our developers were able to increase the number of high-resolution photos used on each page while decreasing load times.

Fencescape Performance Report
Performance optimisation resulted in the website achieving a sub-1 second page load time on average.

Step Five: Skyrocketing leads by increasing relevant organic search traffic

After launching the new website, our primary goal was to improve the rankings for both existing and new product and service pages.

Fencescape Keyword Growth
The new website resulted in a 270% increase in organic search traffic and a bunch of new position 1 rankings.

We also worked on improving local rankings through link building and Google My Business optimisations.

Fencescape Search Growth
12 new target keyword phrases entered the top 3 search results within 4 months of launching the new site.

The most valuable results came from the website’s ability to convert traffic into leads. Thanks to the new conversion-optimised design, the website's conversion rate increased by 139%.

Fencescape Conversions
Conversion-focused website design UI/UX improvements led to significant increases in conversions

This increase in relevant traffic and conversion rate resulted in a lift in qualified website leads.

Key results & takeaways

  • Just because your website is already performing well doesn’t mean that it can’t be made better!
  • A high-performance website is the engine behind an SEO strategy that produces results
  • Deeply understanding your audience allows you to create a website that ranks and converts
  • Conversion-optimised website design can result in big lifts in marketing ROI and profitability

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