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Web3 writes about several web topics including web design, SEO, online marketing and WordPress.
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10 ways blog

10 Steps to Get Your Startup Online in 30 Minutes for $10

A few weekends ago, I was selected to help coach startups at Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast. One of the organisers asked if I could deliver a presentation on how to get the startups a landing page online in the fastest and most …

10 ways to build trust through your website cover image

10 Ways to Build Trust & Credibility Through Your Website

Throughout the years, I’ve sat down with hundreds of business owners who have expressed to me their pains and frustrations with their WordPress website. Out of all these meetings, one of them stands out in my mind as something that I’ll …

Win more sales by reducing resistance with DISC

Win More Sales by Reducing Resistance with DISC Profiles

Around mid-2013, I was tendering the biggest deal that had ever come across my way. It was a six-figure contract for one of the largest real-estate companies in Australia. I was up against another company, but the client was unimpressed by …

web design trends of 2015

Web Design Trends 2015

Following on from our 2013 article on the web design trends, we have got Katie Wright who is a graphic designer in Brisbane here to give her thoughts on what will happen with web design in 2015. She shares her experience on …

Responsive Wireframes

Designing Websites for the Mobile Web

More and more business is being conducted on the internet these days, and getting online is easier than ever thanks to mobile technology like smartphones. It used to be that accessing the internet from your mobile device was a novelty, but …

Social Media - Facebook

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Social Media

To make sure your business thrives in the digital marketplace, knowing how to engage on social media is crucial. What is also important is knowing the differences between various social media sites and how they can offer different things for your …

Think you might need a new website

Building a New Website? Consider These Tips First

Arguably the most crucial element of a business’ image is its website. In this day and age, potential customers and clients are most likely to visit a business’s website instead of phoning or visiting in person before engaging in their services. …

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