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Action Precedes Clarity

So You Have Launched Your New Website, Now What?

I have just launched my website. What are the next steps for me online? Congratulations if you are reading this and you have just launched your website. After spending weeks or months, and likely a significant financial investment, you have brought …

10 ways to build trust through your website cover image

10 Ways to Build Trust & Credibility Through Your Website

Throughout the years, I’ve sat down with hundreds of business owners who have expressed to me their pains and frustrations with their WordPress website. Out of all these meetings, one of them stands out in my mind as something that I’ll …

Reduce websites Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Your Websites Bounce Rate

We had a company from Brisbane approach us needing help with their website. They were wondering why a large number of people were exiting or ‘bouncing’ from their website as soon as people were landing on one of their websites pages. …

Accelerate your website

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