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How to speed up your website using Google PageSpeed

Are You a WordPress Developer?

Do you call yourself a WordPress developer? There are so many people that do. But do you actually know your craft? Do you really know how to code with WordPress? There are just as many who don’t. It really pains me …

HTML Cheat Sheet – a Quick Reference

Even the most experienced HTML users are sometimes thrown in for a loop when it comes to telling so many tags from one another. It’s understandable. After all, there’s so much to learn and memorise. That’s why every HTML user, novice …

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WordCamp Brisbane 2017

WordCamp Brisbane 2017 will be happening at QUT Gardens Point between the 22nd and 23rd of July, 2017. I’ll be doing a presentation at 9:30am on the 22nd titled ‘From One To Many: How To Scale Your WordPress Consulting Business’. Here’s …

WordPress Is Not Just a Content Management System

Most people have heard of WordPress in some form or the other, but the majority of people will not understand what it actually is. Essentially WordPress is a publishing software that businesses or individuals can use to create their own website …

How to Speed up WordPress – Ultimate Guide

Your websites load time is one of the most important aspects of a website. Finding ways on how to speed up WordPress is a legitimate concern for website owners. Google has indicated that a website’s speed is one of the signals …

How to Log in to Your WordPress Websites Backend

Logging into your WordPress website is very simple to do.The admin back-end or the “WordPress Dashboard” is where you go to edit your pages, add and manage your content and administer your site as a whole. This is not accessible unless …

WordPress plugins

The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

WordPress plugins are bits of software developed by people from all over the world that can be uploaded to your WordPress website to extend and expand its functionality. The goal of this guide will be to review & recommend the very …

Need updates to your website?

Get hassle free WordPress support with updates and maintenance on your website.

I need website help

WordPress iOS app

Managing Your WordPress Website on Your iPad or iPhone

I’m sure you are very well aware of the wonderful content management system WordPress. WordPress is the system we use to build all of our clients websites on because it allows for very easy management of your content, is powerful and …

WordCamp Brisbane 2015 by Web3 Brisbane Web Design Blog Cover Image

Key Takeaways from WordCamp Brisbane 2015

It goes without saying that Brisbane’s first WordCamp was a smash hit. The completely sold out event provided excellent content from experts on web design, development, mobile, business, marketing, management and of course, WordPress. The quality of the presenters and presentations left …

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