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How to Install a WordPress Theme

After installing WordPress, you will likely want to change what your website looks like. A WordPress theme is what controls the visual layout of your WordPress site. A well designed theme that matches your brands identity will enhance your brand. The …

Top 20+ Must have iPhone apps for Bloggers

If you are an avid website user or blogger then it is important that take full advantage of the tools you have around you to get the job done. There are dozens of extremely handy tools for bloggers and website owners …

What is WordPress

WordPress is the worlds most popular and free online software to help you manage your website both simply and easily. It is a content management system (CMS) and blogging platform that helps you create and manage your entire website. This article …

How to install a WordPress plugin

After installing WordPress, you may want to extend or expand the functionality of your website. WordPress plugins are what push the boundaries of your WordPress website by adding additional functionality not provided by WordPress or your theme. This guide teaches you …

Recommended WordPress Plugins

So you have got your WordPress hosting and you have got your theme. Now it is time to add extra functionality by adding features to further enhance your WordPress website. This is done by installing some of the finest and best …

How to install WordPress

Now that you have your own WordPress hosting, it is time to install WordPress. WordPress have always been excited to let you know that installing WordPress can be done within 5 minutes. You can be up and running and it is …

Choosing the right WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a requirement to getting any WordPress website online. Website hosting comes in all shapes and sizes. Choosing website hosting can be as good as a guess for many who are just starting. When it comes to hosting your …

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