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WordPress Is Not Just a Content Management System

Most people have heard of WordPress in some form or another, but the majority of people will not understand what it actually is. Essentially WordPress is a publishing software that businesses or individuals can use to create their own website or …

WordPress plugins

The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

WordPress plugins are bits of software developed by people from all over the world that can be uploaded to your WordPress website to extend and expand its functionality. The goal of this guide will be to review & recommend the very …

WordPress iOS app

Managing Your WordPress Website on Your iPad or iPhone

I’m sure you are very well aware of the wonderful content management system WordPress. WordPress is the system we use to build all of our clients websites on because it allows for very easy management of your content, is powerful and …

WordPress Image Resize

WordPress 3.9 Is Alive

So WordPress 3.9 has just been released. The release has brought with it a number of fantastic new features that any web designer will be happy about. The main focus for WordPress 3.9 was improvements to the editor among a handful …

What is WordPress

What Is WordPress?

With the recent release of the latest 3.8 update for WordPress, what better way to introduce to you what WordPress is and how WordPress is always used at Web3 than to create a post about it. WordPress is a platform or …

WordPress update

The Best New Features of WordPress 3.8

WordPress 3.8 has finally been released and it is looking great. There have been a number of new features/improvements to this release. Here’s a few of our favourite features. Modern new design The WordPress admin interface has had a great user …

Why Your Website Needs Great Hosting

Why You Need Great WordPress Website Hosting

A high-quality professional WordPress website is one of the greatest assets your business can own. It is the centrepiece of marketing your products and services to your audience of existing and potential customers. When investing so much time and effort in creating …

WordCamp WordPress event Melbourne

WordCamp Melbourne 2013 WordPress Conference

If you are a fan of WordPress, and have never been to a WordCamp before, then you should seriously look to consider checking out this awesome event. In a nutshell, WordCamp is a community-organised conference that covers all things about WordPress. …

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