Whether you are a blogger with considerable experience or just a beginner, you have probably already faced one of the biggest problems in this trade: lack of time. Why is there never enough and what can be done about it?

Now and then you probably wonder, “Why am I sitting here, staring blankly at the screen 90% of the time?” Words simply don’t seem very eager to line up with each other in your brain. As if a mental “STOP” sign is in place.

And if you know anything about blogging, you are probably aware that frequent posting is critical. It is remarkably easy to lose a large percentage of your audience if you fail to put out blog posts on a regular basis.

Want to pick up your writing pace? Don’t want to fall behind on your blogging schedule? Well, we have an awesome solution to your problem.

Here you’ll find a 15-tip infographic that will enhance your writing speed and help you stay relevant in your niche. Many of these techniques are all about changing the way you think about your writing.

As you are probably aware, most people don’t have a problem with typing fast — social networks and video games took care of that. However, you can be slowed down by what is going on in your brain.

For example, serious problems arise when your inner writer gets into conflict with your inner editor. Are you writing or are you editing and revising your work?

After looking through these 15 tips, you will see how minuscule things you would normally pay no attention to are the ones that take a mind-bogglingly severe toll on your performance. If you give these techniques a try, you will see your bad habits fade away one by one.

So, are you ready to give your writing speed a royal boost and secure your blog’s future? Scroll down the page and learn how!

15 Ways to Write Faster