Title Case Converter Tool

Convert your text to title case. Enter text and click Convert to Title Case button to convert.

Enter your sentence and have the converter turn the text into a perfectly formatted title case sentence.

This simple Title Case Converter allows you to convert the text you enter in to Title Case. Be aware that it will also un-capitalise words if they’re erroneously capitalised in the input. This may result in some words needing to be changed back to capitalised if that is the desired result. e.g. SEO will be converted to Seo.

What are the title case rules?

Capital letters are only used to start principal words in a title case sentence. This Title Case Converter tool will capitalise anything other than articles, coordinating conjunctions or prepositions (with four or less characters).
Also the first and last words are also always capitalised.

This is based on the to-title-case project by David Gouch.

This title case converter will not capitalise the following words: a, amid, an, and, apud, as, at, atop, but, by, down, for, from, in, into, like, mid, near, next, nor, of, off, on, onto, or, out, over, pace, past, per, plus, pro, qua, sans, save, so, than, the, till, to, unto, up, upon, via, vice, vs., with., yet

How to convert to title case?

Just add the sentence you want to convert in to the text input field and click on the convert to title case button. The text will automatically be converted to Title Case and will conveniently highlight the text for you to copy elsewhere.