If you’ve got ideas to share, experiences to talk about or valuable insights, then lets work together to post them on Web3’s blog.

We are one of Australia’s leading WordPress web design and online marketing blogs and are accepting articles that our readers will find useful and interesting!

Our Audience

You’ll be writing to an audience of over 20 thousand people keen to learn all things WordPress, web strategy, social media and everything to do with having a better website.

Our readers are typically in small to large businesses. Their role in the business is to do marketing, communications, management or were put in control of making their website perform better.

Most are savvy online and by coming to our blog they are looking to gain even more knowledge on web design and online marketing. They like insights, how-tos and interesting posts to further their knowledge to enable them to implement ideas on their own website.

Are You The Right Fit?

Have you read our blog and think you can write similar content? We have requirements that you need to meet to be able to guest post on our blog. We do this so that our blog is enriched with quality content. Be patient. We get a lot of requests.

If you are the right fit for our blog, you will be asked to send through your blog post for consideration. Share your article with us in a Google Doc. If your post does not meet our quality standards, then it wont be published.

Feedback will be given where possible, but we’ll reject posts if they are spammy, self promotional or off topic. Same goes if they are too techie, too jargony or too boring.


We have high blog post standards. You should submit an article that is well written, personable and of value to the reader. You need to take these expectactions into consideration when writing your content.

Submit original and useful content. Your article should be written by you and hasn’t been published before. If you are using other peoples content in your post then you should provide appropriate attributions e.g. on their images.

You must take the time to ensure your article has:

  • Been proofread (preferably by someone other than you).
  • Spelling checked. Use UK English (not US English).
  • Proper formatting with headings, paragraphs and subheadings.
  • Depth. We prefer articles that have substance. This usually means they are longer than 1500 words – though not a requirement.
  • Write “you copy” not “me copy”.
  • Media throughout the post. Source images with an attribution. Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • Internal links in your post to other posts on Web3s blog.
  • Your author bio of approximately 50-80 words.

Articles are better when they are useful and interesting to the reader. Count the number of times you use “You, yours” and compare it to the times you use “Me, I, mine, we, us”. “You’s” should outnumber “Me’s”. For example;

BAD: “I’ll be writing about how to build a WordPress theme”.
GOOD: “You’ll learn how to design a WordPress theme”.

We will let you know if there’s something we don’t feel comfortable publishing and you can make the necessary changes. Articles that include: black hat SEO, keyword stuffing, spammy links and plagiarism will not be accepted.

You may only republish your post after at least one week of it going live on Web3s blog. If you are republishing the post then you must attribute the original article with a canonical URL back link to the post on Web3’s blog.

Finally, you are encouraged to Tweet, like, share or email the article to your social networks. We will do the same to our subscribers and social networks.

If all of that makes sense and you are still interested in sharing your writing with our audience then fill out the form and we can begin the guest posting process.

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