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Most business owners want to be equipped with a winning website strategy, however very few know where to start.

The subject of website strategy is massive, and often overwhelming to most business owners.

Having a nice website for your business is great, however if there is no underlying strategy that ties your business goals to your website’s goals, you won’t be able to reach your full potential online.

Think of your website strategy as the foundations to building a skyscraper.

Do you want website customers fast?

Increase your digital footprint and reach more customers with a dedicated online marketing strategy.

I want more customers

With the right foundations put in place at the start, you can build up your business to be the online leaders in your industry.

In this podcast episode, I cover the six essential ingredients that go into building the foundations of a successful website strategy.

Those six areas are:

  1. Defining your brand vision, mission and story
  2. Your overall business objectives, sales & marketing goals
  3. Your products/services, and what makes them unique
  4. Your ideal customer – who they are, what they do, and where do they hangout
  5. Who are the current benchmarks to beat in your industry
  6. Your bottom-line business metrics, and your desired improvements

Do you need help defining your online strategy for your business?

Leave a comment below & let’s start a conversation.

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James is the Co-Founder & CEO at Web3, full-service digital marketing agency that helps businesses & organisations become market leaders online. If you enjoyed this article, check out my other articles here.

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